What is a Rent Guarantee?

For the majority of the time tenants pay their rent when due and in full but occasionally for various reasons they can end up paying a few days late and, more rarely, stop paying altogether, requiring action through the Tenancy Tribunal to recover the rent owed. If this situation occurs then Champion Property Management will take all reasonable steps to recover this rent for you.

That said, any action to recover rent through the Tenancy Tribunal can be time consuming and may take up to several months depending on the circumstances. This results in delays in rent payments to owners. For those owners where rent payments must occur on time every time we offer owners our Platinum Rent Guarantee Option on their rental properties.

Why is it optional?

Very few property management companies offer a rent guarantee but we have confidence in our processes and systems to able to provide this service. Some companies require you to pay a higher management fee for this service whether you want it or not. Not everybody wants to pay for this however, and so we offer you the option of the rent guarantee if you want it for your peace of mind.

What will it cost?

As with all companies offering a rent guarantee there is a higher cost associated with it i.e. the management fee is higher and we charge for things like inspections but you are not locked in to a minimum period of contract with us (other than for first 3 months).

Fee (all are + GST) Standard Management Rent Guarantee Option
Management Fee 8.5% 9.5%
Advertising $150 $150
Inspections $40 $50
Re-documentation $100 $100

Terms and Conditions

There are a number of terms and conditions associated with the Rent Guarantee Option which are specified in the management contract. If you would like to discuss the option of a rent guarantee for your property then please contact us to discuss further.